Friday, February 4, 2011

Brent Everett Baixar Filmes Completos E Gratis

By nasty weather, laptop conditions, awards and sewing boxes

Outside, the storms, the trees can not decide quite which direction they whip and do the rain drops put up a unerbitterten competition here who can hit first on the streets - just the right weather to make it comfortable on the sofa to make a cup of hot tea to drink with caramel Roibush and my laptop ratio a little refresh.
discussions that we can both lead to each other, there are enough here, for example, about what has happened in the past few days my blog comments - and that was on something! DC five by me or my blog was an award given and every single time I feel like a little kid at Christmas. Thank you so much love for that feeling, and Melissa Lina, dear Isabel , Jennifer , Penny and Anka !
am I first at an awards ceremony, however confused a little bit, or should I rather say clueless? The awards I have received sound, that is actually equal, only one of them is not a German but an English text. Since he does not, unfortunately, embellished with a little picture, I am now not completely sure if this is the English version of the Awards is the same, or is an entirely different. Do you see the many question marks that hover over my head? Be that as it ... until now because I'm still not sure and has the research on the internet does not really kept a lot of clarity for me ready, I have decided after much back and forth to summarize both awards in this post. And off we go (I have indeed talked long enough xD):
thank the person who gave you the award and link them to your inbox. Tell us 7 things about you. Give the award to 15 recently discovered new bloggers on. Contact these bloggers and let them know that they have received the award.

After an item is checked already, it is now well rauszuholen time, the sewing box.

• I hate to arrange papers and hate when I say, I mean abysmal! Often I push the months before me, throw everything into a box and hope that someone can not look at everything in it with the chaos and does this stupid Ordnerei for me. But unfortunately it never happens, so be happy-even if I did not get around it-my living room turned into a battlefield without a paper system.

• I am a sleepy heads! More than a surly hum I get the best will not blow out when I not quite soon after getting my chill get 2 liters of coffee - oh oh!

• In the middle of the night for me is the best time for a hearty meal. Since then often a beautiful, delicious, calorie-rich lasagne made pizza demonstrated imaginative and gesort for the dessert in the form of muffins, cakes, biscuits, chocolate or Maskaponecreme Mouse. Who me, then at 3 online somewhere looks without that I say beep, who knows now: Aiyana is in the kitchen and the joyful singing of her hips is fired to cook faster!

• organic waste and I are at war! But the combination of scraping food scraps and the subsequent packing Newsprint in my body led to sporting excellence in the form of return value of food - another reason for me, always good to eat your plate is empty!

• In slumbers inside me a little, annoying, silly thing, which will periodically out. If I am the jumping, dancing, singing (of course so crooked that even the milk in the fridge for my neighbor is pissed!), Grimaces hear make pulling and funny sounds (preferably animal sounds or cry of a spoiled child when shopping), then you know: I urgently needed spare parts to replace my charred cable.

• I revel happy memories. This is not always good and makes me very sad and sometimes it takes me again to my box in which I keep a number of letters, photographs and objects from the past and pull myself completely back into me.

• I do not like any shoes and socks even 3x! Completely unnecessary utensils, if you ask me and I was also always take home Barfus. In summer, when it is warm, I also like the outdoors Barfus around and then had my shoes in the bag.

Phew, that would be done. Now, only missing the 15 blogs, which I pass this award. Again a not so easy Task and the 15 I get fully under no circumstances. No, it's not because I know that only 15 blogs that deserve it, but rather the fact that virtually every blog that I like super happy, this award has already been displayed on his shelf and so I give him this time only four more blogs - blogs that I read totally like, because they are varied, creative, or just influence me entertained just fine.


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